Aerial Tek are able to provide:

  • New Sky, Sky+, Sky HD & Sky Freesat Installations
  • Non Standard & Discreet Satellite Dish Installations
  • Sky Multiroom & Satellite Dish LNB Upgrades
  • Sky Playback Television Points & Magic Eye Systems
  • Prompt Sky Repair - Dish Alignments & Faulty Connections
  • Moving Home? We Can Remove & Install At Your Property Anywhere In The UK!

Aerials and Satellites engineers are expert installers, and can completely customise each Sky installation, as personally tailored to your needs.

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Sky Digital

With hundreds of channels for access to new digital home entertainment, all broadcast in clear digital quality, choose Sky Digital.
Monthly subscriptions are varied in choice of TV channels and price, and suitable for tailoring to your own television viewing needs.
Interactive TV from Sky allows you to take part with a TV programme, play games, make purchases and even send emails and text messages via your set top box.

Sky+ Satellite TV

With Sky + TV, you can never miss a minute, or miss out on the smallest detail of the programme. Pause, rewind, record and playback LIVE TV on your Sky Plus box, and give yourself the delight of planning your viewing, recording TV programmes in advance and never missing favourite TV shows.

Sky+ HD

For the ultimate in viewing, Sky HD provides the most advance viewing technology, with almost life like images - and with Sky Plus recording!
To receive Sky HD programmes, you will have to upgrade to and install a Sky HD receiver and compatible HD TV.

Sky Multiroom

Multiroom is for you when there are too many people fighting over which programmes are viewed and when.
With several Sky receivers controlled from one Sky dish, you can give each person in your home their own choice of TV channels, and bring the peace back!

Sky Freesat – Sky Digital With No Subscription

Sky Freesat is the latest Sky offering, allowing you to view pre-set Sky channels without paying a monthly subscription fee.
Working on the same Sky TV principles, Sky Freesat will require the installation of a Sky mini satellite dish and receiver, but will not have to pay monthly for premium TV channels, receiving instead the 'Free to Air' channels, with the great signal quality of Sky TV, providing digital quality images and sound.

For further information on any of the above Sky TV systems and options available, or to discuss further and arrange a site survey, please do not hesitate to contact our customer sales team on 0151 222 0786 or email: